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Why Forex?

Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading used to be the preserve of a select few, generally financial institutions and extremely high wealth individual. Generally Forex trading accounts could only be opened with a minimum deposit of $100K from an Investment Bank.

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In the last few years the Forex retail market has opened up to smaller retail traders. Currency trading is now very accessible and the range of tools and ways to manage the risks involved have never been greater. There is an abundance of Forex retail brokerages offering minimum account sizes of $100, together with training packages and account management assistance.

Individual traders generate large profits on the Forex markets every day, and this success is now within reach of anyone with an internet connection, a little initial seed money, and the confidence to trade. In the past the complexity of trading and the large initial minimum deposits deterred many people from trading, people now are realizing the possibilities and accessibility of Forex trading.

Whether you want to buy Euros and sell the dollar or pick more exotic currency pairs, the amount of trading options and the number of support and risk minimizing tools available are very large. Competition between brokerages has given rise to the Forex demo account, leverage options, sign-up bonuses and a host of other trading advantages previously unavailable.

Why Us?

Quantum Forex Online is your portal to financial freedom and prosperity – we are Forex traders ourselves and we’ve sifted through the online resources to present to you the information you really need to trade.
Forex trading is an inherently risky enterprise, so some research is required before opening a trading account and depositing, but the rewards and excitement are unmatched. Take a tour of this site, do some independent research and then sign up for a demo account. It’s risk free, and will be the start of your Forex trading education.

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